Cleanroom Personal Equipments

Cleanroom personal protective equipment


STERIGENE, a specialist in ultra-cleanliness for over 30 years, offers a wide range of personal equipment for cleanrooms and controlled environments.

This range of personal protective equipment is designed to equip operators in cleanrooms with clothing, gloves, masks and footwear that are adapted, ergonomic and specially dedicated to the different ISO classes of critical areas in industries or laboratories.

Cleanroom clothing


Our cleanroom garments are specially designed to equip operators in critical environments. Our cleanroom gowns or coveralls provide high-performance protection and high-quality ergonomics for your staff.

Our cleanroom suits, lab coats and full body suits are varied and offer comfort and protection. They are made from materials ranging from Tyvek® to polypropylene, come in various sizes and packaging levels, and are also available in sterile versions for the most critical areas.

Single-use or removable cleanroom personal equipment: our garments are an excellent barrier to cross-contamination. Manufactured in accordance with current standards, they are essential components for dressing your operators.

Cleanroom gloves


Essential in critical environments, the STERIGENE range of cleanroom gloves offers a variety of solutions. In addition to effective protection, they offer high sensitivity for both single and double gloving.

Our range includes latex gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, etc. They are specially designed for use in cleanrooms, are highly resistant to solvents, are available in multiple sizes and some models are also available in a sterile version.

Our cleanroom gloves are dedicated to the handling and cleaning of critical environments and are suitable for the most common uses and the most demanding cleanroom requirements.

We also offer a range of cleanroom finger cots and reusable protective gloves.

Cleanroom masks


The range of cleanroom masks offered by STERIGENE is composed of multiple surgical masks, from the simple FFP1 mask to the FFP2 mask, as well as other alternatives.

Breathable and durable, they provide cleanroom operators with effective protection against fumes and splashes during use. These single-use cleanroom masks are composed of a nose piece that ensures the stability of the mask and prevents fogging for glasses wearers.

Our cleanroom masks are ergonomic and very comfortable and are widely used in medical, cleanroom and food processing environments.

Cleanroom footwear


To fit your operators in cleanrooms, we suggest you explore our ranges of cleanroom shoes or cleanroom overshoes.

Our cleanroom safety clogs are made of fine leather with non-slip soles that are highly resistant to fuels and animal fats. Perforations on the top of the shoe allow feet to breathe easier. The back straps of these cleanroom shoes are adjustable and pivot for excellent foot support in the ultra-clean clog.

The ESD cleanroom moccasins are made of leather with non-slip polyurethane soles. Silver ion linings to help the moccasins breathe. The soles of these cleanroom shoes are cushioned and extremely light.

The transparent and disposable PVC cleanroom overshoes are intended for use as overprotection of footwear in contaminated environments or in controlled atmospheres. These single-use overshoes fit around the shoe perfectly thanks to the elastic finish.

All of our cleanroom shoes are available in different sizes.

Headgear and facial equipment for cleanrooms


Our range of cleanroom consumables also includes cleanroom headgear. Whether it is a cover or a hat, this equipment protects your critical areas from cross-contamination and also protects your operators. Our cleanroom headgear is breathable and durable.

To complete the range of face protection, we also have cleanroom visors, masks and glasses. They are durable and ergonomic, enabling operators with glasses to use them without losing visual capacity. They are breathable and prevent fogging. The STERIGENE range of cleanroom masks protect your operators from dangerous projections.

Drawing on its experience in controlling contamination, STERIGENE has carefully selected manufacturing partners, qualified for their professional expertise, and has developed its own brand: CLEANVIEW specializing in clean room and laboratory consumables.


These are several ranges of easily identifiable, quality and qualified products for clean rooms according to current standards and according to your needs: choice of materials, profitability and quality.

Why an own brand?

To expand the STERIGENE offering with greater responsiveness in order to best adapt to your specific needs while offering products at an attractive price.