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The needs in clean and sterile processes of manufacturers or laboratories evolve regularly according to current standards, technological advances and innovations in the ultraclean activity sectors. For this, STERIGENE offers a complete set of products and services meeting all the needs of players in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, agri-food, medical devices, health, etc. industries and laboratories.

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Since 1986, STERIGENE has been committed to offering solutions that comply with changes in current standards and technical innovations. We can thus offer, in addition to our large catalog of products and services for industry or laboratory players, a global study of customer needs for future internal developments or changes to current standards and benchmarks.

With our many years of experience, we are also the designer and manufacturer of some of our products. These are developed in full compliance with the standards and benchmarks in force, according to the different prerogatives of the world pharmacopoeias and to perfectly meet your needs. Our products are certified and documented.

Our position as clean and sterile process engineering allows us to study your projects and offer you global solutions for your production line, your installations or your operators. STERIGENE is a single point of contact for all your problems and is the guarantee of delivery of a global turnkey solution. From the study of the design of your premises to the PPE used by your operators and the products of your cleaning process for contamination control, including the systems making up your production line.


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