ASD Services

Airborne surface disinfection


An innovative and effective biocleaning solution, airborne surface disinfection (ASD) has become an essential element of contamination control strategies. HPE (electromagnetic hydrogen peroxide) technology from our partner AM Instruments guarantees to destroy microorganisms by oxidation via a homogeneous non-wetting mist that leaves no residue or trace.

  • Bactericide, mycobactericide, sporicide, fungicide, yeasticide, virucide & phagocide
  • Broad spectrum: reduction of up to 6 log on spores
  • Covers 100% of the surface thanks to ionization
  • Absence of equipment corrosion
  • Rapid diffusion & contact duration

Our intervention service


The STERIGENE design office develops the disinfection strategy to be implemented based on your recommendations, the safety of your operators, your equipment and the volume of your premises.

Take advantage of many advantages by entrusting us with your biocleaning by airborne surface disinfection:

  • Timing of interventions according to your needs, current standards and HSE prerequisites.
  • Rapid interventions and reduction of downtime of your premises.
  • Compliance with standards: NF T 72 281 / EN 17 272: 2020 & CFR 21 part 11
  • Authorized & specialized operators, equipped with the latest Zherox® systems.
  • Live quality monitoring and documented reports at the end of the intervention.

Why choose our services?

Our intervention service allows you to concentrate solely on your core business and your production and thus develop them and make them more reliable.

  • Preserve your investment capacity and optimize your financial strategy.
  • Take advantage of high-efficiency technology and the most innovative new DSVA systems on the market.
  • Benefit from the experience and versatility of our intervention teams.

Entrust us with your biocleaning strategy via the DSVA and benefit from our expertise.

  • Take advantage of our active and developed standards monitoring.
  • Make sure your premises are brought up to standard in accordance with current regulations.
  • Set a strategy with quantifiable objectives according to your prerequisites and standards of your sector of activity.