Find here targeted information, our field and technical expertise as well as recommendations to help you set up your processes.

Standards and benchmarks govern the world of industry and pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, cosmetics, medical devices, agri-food laboratories, etc. With +30 years of experience in these sectors of activity, we have developed a significant, factual and complete base of expertise and data.

We therefore offer you, via different media and articles:

  • Stay informed of standards and benchmarks and the various European, American and Japanese pharmacopoeias: cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, aseptic filling, candling, pure fluids, in connection with the pharmaceutical and similar industries.
  • Train yourself in specific operations on equipment and strengthen your knowledge of the different processes to use according to your applications and needs.
  • Discover our ISO 9001 quality policy.
  • Study with our new consulting service the optimization of your processes according to current standards and benchmarks.

With around thirty years of experience in the field of ultra-cleanliness and sterile, STERIGENE strives to offer products and services in line with customer needs. ISO 9001 since 1994, the well-established quality approach at STERIGENE is synonymous with efficiency and safety.

Specialist in the advice, installation and commissioning of production process equipment (sterilization autoclave, GMP washer, pharmaceutical filling line, automatic candling machine, mirage table, etc.) we also monitor them with our after-sales service ( predictive maintenance, spare parts management, preventive maintenance, revamping etc.).

From needs analysis, staff training, stock management of consumables to the provision of complete solutions for clean rooms (clean room equipment, airlock furniture and clean room installations), STERIGENE is able to help you propose solutions that respond to your problems.

Supported within the SYNEXIN group by STAURATEC, an expert in the validation of controlled atmosphere zones, STERIGENE can offer all the products and services linked to clean rooms, with a controlled atmosphere.

We can support you throughout the implementation of your processes or in providing various dedicated solutions for manufacturers and laboratories. All of our project and technical teams are at your disposal to provide you with as much information as possible or interventions useful to your business development. Small or large projects, we have the capacity to meet all of your needs.

Do not hesitate to visit our news page regularly to discover the new expertise developed as well as our calendar of participation in the events at which we will present them.