Sterile process engineering


A single point of contact for your turnkey projects.

Since 1986, STERIGENE has maintained close, quality relationships with laboratories and industries in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology sectors, developing a complete range of integrated solutions in pure fluids, washing, sterilisation and decontamination, filling and visual inspection.

Our partners have been selected from among the best process equipment manufacturers and international leaders, to make your projects a success each day.


Specialised in the production, storage and distribution of pure fluids. Purified water, WFI water and pure steam.


Specialised in sterilisation and washing: Autoclaves and sterilising ovens, H2O2 sterilisers, washer-sterilisers, isolators, washing booths, etc.

DARA Pharma

Specialised in filling, screwing, crimping and washing equipment for vials, bottles, syringes, etc.


Specialising in the Blow-Fill-Seal technique. Full modular line for low and high output. Multiple materials: PEBD – PEHD – PP. All products and simple or complex pre-filled syringes suitable for vaccines.


Specialised in examination and visual inspection: automatic or semi-automatic inspection machines and leak detection processes for vials, flasks, cartridges and syringes.