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Cleanliness guarantee

Cleanliness Guarantee: Analysis of contamination before design stage and definition of need



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Cleaning methods

The effectiveness of a wash (or water cleaning) results from chemical actions of the product (breaking the links at the surface / dirt interface) and mechanism (removing dirt). The effectiveness of each of these actions is proportional to the time, duration and exposure to treatment, but they are inversely proportional to each other:


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Sterilisation methods

Different methods are cited and discussed in international guides relating to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) annexed to the respective Pharmacopoeia.

Sterilising value

The ‘Fo’ Sterilising Value is expressed in units of time, to quantify the effect of a sterilising treatment.


Regnault table

REGNAULT TABLE Correlation pressure / temperature in saturated steam

Fatality table






Accepted minimum quality of water usef in Pharma produtcs




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