Consumables and small equipments

Cleanroom and laboratory consumables

Contamination control requires an active and responsible attitude to understanding, protecting and preventing all contamination risks. Cleanroom and laboratory consumables are designed according to procedures that must control or eliminate any critical undesirable elements. For more than 30 years, STERIGENE has surrounded itself with recognised partners to offer you products tailored to your cleanroom applications.

STERIGENE currently offers its customers a varied and complete range of cleanroom consumables, laboratory equipment and cleanroom equipment to meet all of their ultra-cleanliness needs and provide contamination control solutions.

All our consumables and small equipment for cleanrooms are available from our STERIGENE-STORE.

Exclusively for professionals, public entities and private companies in all business sectors, STERIGENE-STORE enables you to order, pay for and manage all your orders online.


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    Ultra-clean packaging

    Sterilisation sleeves, autoclavable covers with interlocking elastic, bags for welding or self-adhesive autoclaves, breather bag, stopper bag, Tyvek® tie bags, etc.

    Personal equipment

    Cleanroom overalls, laboratory coats, socks, overshoes, headgear and goggles, cleanroom masks, sterile gloves, cleanroom finger cots, protective gloves, etc.

    Disinfection solutions

    Sterile alcohols, disinfection solutions, sterile detergents, sterile biocides, hydroalcoholic solutions and gels, cleanroom bactericides, cleaning solutions, etc.

    Cleanroom wipedowns

    Cleaning cloths, sterile cloths, pre-saturated cloths, non-woven cloths, sealed edge cloths, sterile wipes, pre-saturated wipes, broom cloths, multi-format cloths, etc.

    Cleaning equipment


    Laboratory and cleanroom brushes, swab sticks, multi-format cleanroom swabs, brooms for cleaning in critical areas and sterile mop covers, strippable mats, etc.

    Cleanroom stationary


    Cleanroom pens, double-wrapped pens, cleanroom papers, stickers and resistant labels, sterile felt-tips, printing papers, various standard sizes of paper, etc.

    Small equipment cleanroom


    Cleanroom chairs, laboratory chairs, stools and standing chairs, UV lamps and accessories, flasks, laboratory glassware, cleanroom and laboratory equipment, etc.

    Industrial vacuum cleaners


    ATEX vacuums, cleanroom vacuums, dry vacuums, wet vacuums, HEPA vacuums, laboratory vacuums, ESD vacuums, needle vacuums, etc.

    Brands of cleanroom consumables and equipment distributed


    With its experience in contamination control, STERIGENE has carefully selected manufacturing partners, qualified for their expertise in the field, and has developed its own brand: CLEANVIEW specialises in cleanroom and laboratory consumables.

    What is CLEANVIEW?

    It is several ranges of quality products that are easily identifiable and qualified for cleanrooms according to the standards in force and according to your needs: choice of materials, profitability and quality.

    Why an own label?

    To expand the STERIGENE offer with greater reactivity, in order to best adapt to your specific needs while offering products at an attractive price.


    Manufacturer of products for cleaning and disinfecting clean environments (from general to critical). High-quality, top-of-the-range products that combine high efficiency with unrivalled service quality. Brand specialising in fabrics and equipment for excellent control of decontamination protocols.

    Manufacturer of high-quality disinfection solutions that combine high efficiency and environmental friendliness with unparalleled service quality. Brand specialising in disinfectant and cleaning solutions for cleanrooms and laboratories.

    The brand’s products are developed by taking into account both human and non-human causes of contamination, ensuring that risks are minimised and with a focus on productivity. Brand specialised in short-term personal equipment, cleanroom gloves and industrial wipes.

    World leader in personal equipment. Specialising in contamination control with a range of Tyvek® protective cleanroom garments for short-term use in controlled and critical environments.

    European leader in the manufacture of industrial and laboratory seating for 50 years. The brand offers seating solutions for the most stringent requirements, from versatile cleanroom seating to sophisticated laboratory seating.

    With 40 years of experience, Tiger-Vac has successfully established itself on the international market as a manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaner systems. Brand specialised in industrial vacuum cleaners, ATEX, ESD, cleanroom vacuum cleaners, for the pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and aeronautical industries.