Expect the best pure fluids for your pharmaceutical production

STERIGENE, specialist in complete pharmaceutical water and steam production and distribution facilities, offers its expertise and manufacturing process equipment range for pure fluids.

Standards and parameters for pure fluid manufacturing process equipment

Pure fluids, both water and steam, used in pharmaceutical manufacturing are subject to stringent standards and parameters due to their importance in the production, operation and consumption of pharmaceuticals. The pure fluid manufacturing process equipment provides pure water or pure steam compliant to current USP-NF1234 standards and European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia standards:

  • Water Compliances
  • Steam Compliances

In order to fuel your manufacturing process equipment: autoclaves, washers, filling machines etc. STERIGENE, along with its partner STILMAS, offers many types of pure fluid manufacturing process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

A complete range of manufacturing process equipment for pure fluids:

STERIGENE offers a range of manufacturing process equipment for pharmaceutical pure fluids that can meet all of your needs for pure steam, clean steam, sterile pharmaceutical and non-pyrogenic steam, or for purified water, highly purified water, softened water, demineralised water, RO water and WFI.

The pure fluid manufacturing process equipment is built to the requirements of the International Pharmacopoeia (current USP, EP and JP) and the recommendations of the pharmaceutical industry (cGMP -FDA-GMP). Discover all of our pure fluid manufacturing process equipment:

  • Water pre-treatment: A process that allows the creation of softened water for reverse osmosis or electro-deionisation.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis can purify the water after pre-treatment via a very fine filtration system that only allows water molecules for the production of osmosis water through, and then subsequently purified water, highly purified water or WFI for pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Electro-Deionisation: water purification process combining several technologies including ion exchange on specific resins, membrane separation and electrodialysis so as to provide purified water and highly purified water for the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Distillers:  In order to provide your pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment with water that is compliant with the various current Pharmacopoeia, our distillers produce purified water, highly purified water or WFI.
    • Pure steam genrators: Intended for the sterilisation of pharmaceutical equipment and process lines (autoclaves, washers, Sep distribution networks: filler machines, tanks, filters …), pure steam generators provide pure steam or clean, sterile and non-pyrogenic steam.

If you would like more information about our pure fluid manufacturing process equipment, please contact our sales engineers, by email at sterigene@sterigene.com or by telephone at +33 (0) 1 34 44 23 23.