Decontamination solutions for cleanrooms

Cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech industries are subject to strict cleaning and disinfection regulations. In this sense, STERIGENE, a key player in contamination control and cleanrooms, offers decontamination solutions for cleanrooms that are perfectly adapted to current issues.

Cleanroom cleaning and decontamination

One of the core concerns of professionals in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industries is that cleaning and decontamination of cleanrooms requires the use of effective processes and products :

Cleaning of cleanrooms: Cleaning your cleanroom is carried out with cleanroom detergent solutions that help eliminate and control the proliferation of microorganisms. Please note that it is useless to decontaminate a cleanroom that has not cleaned beforehand.

Decontamination of cleanrooms: Once the cleanroom has been cleaned, then it can be decontaminated with alcohol or a cleanroom biocide solution.

Choosing biocides or decontaminating alcohols for cleanrooms

Firstly, cleanroom alcohol decontamination solutions are recommended for cleaning smaller surfaces, as this type of use limits alcohol vapours and is much more economical. For larger areas, it is recommended to use biocides and sporicides; these solutions are easier for people to work with and very effective in contamination control.

Each cleanroom alcoholic solution or biocide solution has a spectrum of action that defines and identifies which microorganisms will be destroyed by the product. Therefore, STERIGENE presents its full range of non-residue cleanroom decontamination solutions. Just click here.

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