Technical Director, Eric LEVACHER has agreed to answer our questions regarding the choice of our inspection table for their training activities.


Technical Director



INTERVIEW made by Laurent MEILHAUD, Visual Inspection export Manager at STERIGENE, on May 2, 2022

/ Who are you ? Tell us a bit about your company.

After more than 40 years of experience, the IMT Group is the French leader in training for industrial professions in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics and dietetics sectors.

Established on 8 sites in France, we have developed educational platforms on an industrial pilot scale, covering production processes, flows, quality and safety requirements (GMP, HSE, Lean principles, etc.).

Each year, 5 000 people are trained at IMT via apprenticeship contracts, professionalization contracts, higher education and continuing education.

IMT also provides advice on the forward planning of jobs and skills (GPEC), places for sharing practices and educational resources (seminars, workshops, etc.), galenic support services and even a publishing company.

/ How did you hear about STERIGENE ?

I have known SERIENE for more than 20 years ! … originally as part of an industrial project implementing a Stilmas installation, it seems to me. IMT prides itself on being at the heart of industrial issues, having equipment, expertise and a discourse in line with the reality of production sites. We are therefore in close contact with industry players (equipment manufacturers, suppliers, etc.). We are also equipped with some of your solutions (Fedegari, Officine Bano, Optrel).

/ What was your need in terms of inspection ?

Here again, our need and our desire is to be in line with industrial reality. We are equipped with semi-automatic mirage and manual mirage for our initial training actions and to support our customers (on-the-job training, mirage range management, etc.).

/ Why did you choose the STERIGENE inspection table ?

There are several reasons. The relevance of the product, its representativeness with industrial users and the interest of a win-win relationship with STERIGENE. We have common interests, at the service of our customers.

/ How did STERIGENE meet your expectations and what are the main product advantages for you ?

We have shared this win-win relationship for a long time. The installation of the STERIGENE manual candling table is part of this dynamic.

The equipment meets Pharmacopoeia standards (!), it is ergonomic with its adjustable legs and its light intensity adjustment device. It is also mobile, which is important for our training activity. We are able to intervene in our workshops in “pharma” condition, in the classroom, or even to move certain equipment to our customers.

We are grateful to Eric for this exchange and for the trust placed in STERIGENE.