New Technical Services Brochure available

The New Technical Services Brochure has just been released! Discover this new brochure, presenting all the technical services offered by STERIGENE for ensuring that your process equipment functions correctly.


Technical services for your process equipment


By reading the new Technical Services brochure, learn about the services offered by STERIGENE for the whole of the service life of your equipment. Each procedure is carried out by skilled and qualified personnel, ensuring all follow-up technical services:

  • Process equipment Maintenance: Swift intervention on your process equipment so as to limit downtime and costs
  • Spare parts management: Spare parts replacement follow-up for your process equipment
  • Rental / sale STEAM QM-3: Online analysis of steam according to the standard EN 285
  • Process equipment revamping: Upgrading of the control systems, electrical cabinets and mechanical parts of your process equipment
  • Automation: Improvements to your process equipment control programs
  • Expertise: Optimisation, expertise and advice on your cycles and installations
  • Qualifications: Quality procedures on your process equipment in order to validate their conformity
  • Training Services: Transmission of our expertise and know-how to your staff


This new brochure presents our various available procedures to ensure correct functioning, precision and standards compliance of your production line process equipment.

To receive a printed brochure, please contact our Service department directly:

North Service: +33 (0) 1 34 44 23 30 or

South service: +33 (0) 4 37 41 10 42 or