New covers with fitted elastic

For autoclave compliant sterilisation that is clean and practical, think about using our Tyvek® CAPEO covers.

These are ideal for covering all of your flasks, beakers, containers, bottles, valves, tubes and other flexible items during sterilisation. Before sterilisation, the CAPEO Tyvek® covers prevent the penetration of particles or other kinds of dust in order to keep your load clean. Thanks to the fitted elastic, handling the packaging before sterilisation becomes quick and practical. They are THE solution for enabling perfect steam penetration and perfect drying during sterilisation :

Pour des stérilisations en autoclave conformes, propres et pratiques pensez à nos charlottes CAPEO Tyvek®.

  •  Moulds to any opening within a certain range of dimensions
  •  Autoclavable
  •  Perfectly hermetic thanks to their elasticated edges(latex-free)
  •  Good resistance to tearing and perforations
  •  Excellent microbial barrier
  •  Various sizes
  •  Available in small packs


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Breathable and peelable sachets and sleeves :

STERIGENE offers PRESTOPEEL sachets and RULOPEEL sleeves for sterilisation by autoclave. Sachets and sleeves consist of two sides with differing technical characteristics, a TYVEK side that is permeable to steam, and a side in laminated film to give a perfect visibility of the products :

  • Innovative and easy peelable opening
  • Practical closure
  • Perfectly adapted to your large and heavy loads
  • Manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom
  • Products certified by our STERIGENE experts


100% Tyvek® Caps, covers and sachets

Our caps, covers and sachets in the CAPEO line offer perfect steam penetration for autoclave sterilisation. All of our products exist in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, so as to adapt to any kind of load.

  • Mechanical resistance
  • Small or large packs
  • Easy usage
  • Reduces musculoskeletal issues

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