Pure fluids
These ultrapure steam generators are sterile and non-pyrogenic. The STILMAS PSG-DTS is designed and built to the requirements of international pharmacopeia ...
Générateur de vapeur pure (STILMAS PSG/PSGE)
These ultrapure steam generators are sterile and non-pyrogenic. The STILMAS PSG-DTS is designed and built to the requirements of international pharmacopeia (current USP, GMP, DAB, BSP, etc ...) and the recommendations of the pharmaceutical industry (cGMP-FDA).

Intended for sterilisation and sanitisation of pharmaceutical equipment and process lines (autoclaves, distribution networks, tanks, filters ...), the pure steam generators can be heated by industrial steam or superheated water.

A sanitary pump feeds the water supply into the decontamination chamber and the parallel heat exchanger, tube side, by a level set by the regulator. The process steam or superheated water enters the heat exchanger so as to heat the water supply to evaporation temperature, creating a strong circulation within the two bodies (thermosyphon).
The steam is generated in the evaporator (large decontamination column).
The low rate of climb and the column height eliminate any possibility of priming by the formation of impure water droplets.
Pure steam pressure is maintained at a constant, selected by the user. This pressure is between 0 and 6 bar thanks to a pneumatic controller that governs the opening of the modulating valve of the process steam supply valve.


Pharmaceutical industry


Pure fluids


Qualifications / Validations: All the documentation required in accordance with regulations (technical and certificates) is supplied with the machinery and allows you to collect all the information necessary for validation and qualification.

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Fully developed in AISI 316L and with pharmaceutical quality Teflon seals, Stilmas pure steam generators allow maximum flexibility (automatic production from 0 to 100%) of a pyrogenic steam quality completely independent of pressure and flow.

No additional space is required for maintenance, as the components are easily removable and accessible.

On the same principle as PSG, the PSGE range allows the generation of pure steam using electrical energy. Characteristic single carriage made ​​entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel with active surfaces blasted and passivated.
The easily removable shielded heating elements, are housed in the bottom flange of the decontamination chamber and immersed directly in the water supply.

Rock wool insulation and protected by an AISI 304 satin polished stainless steel sheet. The range of standard production models extends from 20 to 500 Kg / h at 3 bar of relative pressure.

The capacity of pure steam production depends on the difference in pressure of the steam supply and of the pure steam desired (P1 / P2) according to the following table:

The same principle applies to models heated by steam. The consumption of electrical energy is automatically regulated in tiers to modulate the production capacity to the demand and to avoid any disturbance on the pure steam generation network.