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Water Distiller: The first effect is fed by an external energy source (Industrial Steam or Electrical energy).
Distillateur STILMAS MS
Water Distiller: The first effect is fed by an external energy source (Industrial Steam or Electrical energy). The deionized or purified water is preheated in the first of the two heat exchangers by the steam generated in the final effect and the distillate from previous effects.
All feed water reaches the maximum temperature in the first effect which, consequently, sterilizes and partially evaporates it. The steam produced, as well as the water that has not evaporated, passes into the next column, itself operating at a lower temperature and pressure.
Pure steam is condensed, producing distillate after vaporizing once again a portion of the feed water.
This process is repeated in the other effects.The pure steam produced in the last column is condensed by the feed water in the last two heat exchangers.

The efficiency (kg steam per liter or per kWh) depends on the number of effects and increases if the number of effects increase.
Increasing the process steam supply pressure in the first effect, usually between 3 and 8 bar, increases the production capacity.


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Entirely made out of AISI 316L, the active surfaces of the water distiller are pickled and passivated.
The piping system is manufactured in mirror polished tubing 0.6 µm Ra, orbitally welded. The construction is ​​entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L with pickled and passivated surfaces.The insulation is made of mineral wool covered by AISI 304 stainless steel sheet, satin finished.
The heating elements of the water distiller are made of AISI 316 L armored type

The column of the water distiller has an automatic drain system for the concentrate and level control.The volume of water contained, the constant level and the low load of the heating elements, guarantee the maximum reliability of the system and a steam production at constant pressure. Standard water distiller models range from 85 to 1050 l / h.