Automated disinfection system Zherox®

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Automated disinfection system
Zherox dsva desinfection des surfaces par voie aérienne bionettoyage
Zherox dsva desinfection des surfaces par voie aérienne
The Automated disinfection system Zherox® from AM Instruments is a bio-cleaning equipment. The surface disinfection is carried out using an innovative technology by electromagnetism. A hydrogen peroxide solution is vaporized through an electromagnetic field and destroys microorganisms by oxidation. Several units can be linked together to treat a larger volume.

The design has been designed for use in sterile areas, in accordance with GMP regulations and CFR21 p11, CE, NFT 72 281: 2015 & EN 17 272 standards.

The Zherox® airborne surface disinfection systems are connected in real time on the AM Cloud®. Via the relay of a smartphone, a PC or a tablet, you will be able to program and monitor your ADS cycles, inform you about the status of your devices, collect traceability data... In the When using multiple Zherox® systems, the units connect to each other and synchronize to launch a simultaneous ADS cycle.


Pharmaceutical Industries & Laboratories
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Dimensions: 529 x 345 x 956mm
Weight: 35kg
1 Zherox® system allows the disinfection of a volume of 300m³
Short cycles
Real-time tracking
Traceability of cycles
Simple user interface via integrated screen or remotely via smartphone
Change of product in 5 min
Sold with various accessories


Process equipment qualifications (Performance qualification, Installation qualification, Operational qualification, metrology, metrological verification)
Reports on biological indicators collected by an accredited independent laboratory
Technical services for process equipment: Curative maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Predictive maintenance
After-sales service Spare parts
Training: Principle of bio-cleaning, surface disinfection by air and use of Automated disinfection system


Ergonomic and mobile airborne surface disinfection system. It adapts to all your needs without any additional ventilation system being required for the proper distribution of the diffusion of the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Short broadcast time
Fast contact time <180min
Broad spectrum: 6 log reduction on spores
No equipment corrosion
HPE Technology