Specific services

Additionnal services

STERIGENE offers solutions tailored to each customer problem.

  • Creation and optimisation of cycles
  • Steam network expertise
  • Bleeder expertise
  • Moving machines
  • Chemical cleaning of autoclave chambers
  • Steam quality control
  • Thema4 control system
  • Derouging treatment
  • Pneumatic solutions


    A specialist calls you:


    Steam quality control

    Purchase or rental of steam quality control equipment: STEAM QM 3.

    In accordance with standard EN 285, STERIGENE offers the option of purchasing or renting a steam quality control device. Armstrong’s Steam QM-3 is the only equipment patented for its ability to control saturated steam in line with international standards.

    An automated, reliable and mobile device at each point of use

    • Continuous parameter testing: Pressure, titre, CNG and superheat
    • Safe method as an alternative to manual sampling
    • Repeatability and reproducibility (accuracy +/- 1%)
    • Test automation makes it safe and reliable
    • Immediately interpretable analyses
    • Performance qualification of the steam profile, calibration according to
      international benchmarks
    • Simple plug and play installation (RS485 output)

    THEMA4 control system

    STERIGENE can install or update the Thema4 control software on your process equipment. Thema4 is a fast and powerful process controller with many useful features for your production lines.

    • Functional architecture
    • Easy to use
    • Optimised cycle display
    • Alarms for detecting problems
    • Cycle storage
    • Multiple passwords can be created
    • Continuous software update (optional)

    Dérouging treatment

    Rouging is characterised by colouring of the stainless-steel surfaces on parts and components of process equipment in clean steam and ultra-pure water distribution networks.

    This tenacious iron oxide layer must be removed to prevent stainless steel oxidation and, in the most extreme cases, contamination of the pure fluids and therefore the batches produced.

    STERIGENE offers curative or preventive derouging interventions to clean the process equipment components in the
    pure fluid networks.