A team of experts manages the automation services performed on the equipment installed on customer sites..


  • Create programs tailored to your specifications with tests and recipes
  • Analyse the components required to operate the programs.
  • Install and qualify programs on-site
  • Provide precise user documentation: test sheets, operator manuals, programming manuals, etc. 
  • Manage revamping services


    A specialist calls you:



    STERIGENE offers an innovative and cost-effective revamping solution to upgrade your equipment without impacting your processes.

    Concerned equipment:

    • air-steam autoclave
    • sterilisation oven
    • pharmaceutical washer
    • pharmaceutical water distiller
    • pure steam generator

    Simplified revamping

    While maintaining the initial structure of your equipment, our specialist automation technicians will:

    • Modify the electrical installation
    • Replace the connectors
    • Set up a new control interface

    Result: Upgrade your system and replace the necessary spare parts.

    Our revamping service includes all the steps for your equipment’s qualification – FAT, SAT, (RE)IQ, CAL, (RE)OQ, PQ – and your personnel are also trained to use the new control interface.


    • A modern and ergonomic control interface
    • Cost reduction
    • Reduced impact of machine interventions on your production and your environment
    • Personalised assistance


    FEDEGARI manufacturer revamping

    A “manufacturer revamping” kit is available for Fedegari equipment, which includes the full replacement of the electrical cabinet and the mechanical and hydraulic components required to operate your installation.

    Our technicians will also install the latest-generation Thema4 control interface.


    Custom revamping

    Your equipment can be custom modified depending on its condition, manufacturer recommendations and regulatory restrictions. A feasibility study is carried out by our automation team.

    • Replacement and/or update of the control system and electrical cabinet and the necessary
    • Implementation and start-up of your installation
    • (Re)qualification of your equipment