STERIGENE has set up a high-performance maintenance service that meets the vast majority of requests encountered by professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics and related industries.

We study the feasibility of carrying out maintenance operations on all types of equipment and intervene quickly in order to limit your downtime and reduce your costs.



    A specialist calls you:

    Curative maintenance

    • Occasional troubleshooting with a support contract
    • Supply of spare parts
    • Dedicated freephone service for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting

    Preventive maintenance

    • Periodic maintenance based on the equipment and customer needs
    • Support contract for STERIGENE machine stock, and other brands, with hourly servicing rate
    • Technical advice and obsolescence monitoring for your installations

    Predictive maintenance 

    Maintenance prédictive

    • Maintenance defined by a component wear threshold and checked according to equipment parts
    • Reduction of maintenance downtime
    • Regular and personalised monitoring of your installations
    • Reduction in the cost of spare parts



    Fast and effective interventions within 48 hours



    Advantages :
    Fast and effective interventions within 48 hours



    Better of breakdown risk prevention


    Ten year hydraulic test

    Our specialised technicians carry out the regulatory checks on your process equipment and offer a 10-year guarantee with the option of full service coverage (valves, inspection bodies, etc.).

    We can provide support and carry out all the hydraulic/mechanical tests and inspections necessary to obtain validation from the auditing body.

    In accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, STERIGENE offers periodic maintenance, including:

    • Spare parts
    • Workforce
    • Startup
    • Requalification
    • Document
    • Training your staff according to your needs