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Les prétraitements d'eau
Pure fluids

Water Pretreatment

Water treatment is a necessary step in the removal of suspended solids ...
Traitement d'eau par Electro-Déionisation (Stilmas)
Pure fluids

Water treatment by EDI (STILMAS)

Electro-deionisation (EDI) is a purification method combining several ...
L'osmose inverse
Pure fluids

Reverse Osmosis

Simple Osmosis is a natural physical phenomenon that can be summarised ...
Distillateur à thermocompression STILMAS BD
Pure fluids

STILMAS Vapour Compression Stills

STILMAS vapour compression stills produce distilled water meeting the ...
Distillateur STILMAS MS
Pure fluids

STILMAS MS distiller

Water Distiller: The first effect is fed by an external energy source ...
Générateur de vapeur pure (STILMAS PSG/PSGE)
Pure fluids


These ultrapure steam generators are sterile and non-pyrogenic. The ST ...